Scientific Research as a Bridge for Overcoming the New Challenges from U.S.A. to Europe

The workshop day intends to introduce the results about the Research themes that The Constantinian University is facing with its Researchers and Lecturers during the Academic Year 2014-2015.
This year the seminar day consists of four reference and top cultural sectors as Economics, Health Science, Political Science and Physical-Natural Science.


Programme Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Cianciarelli
Faculty of Political Science - Coordinator: Prof. Alessandro CECI (Faculty Dean)

Prof. Alessandro Ceci: The research about the new definition of Security, Criminology and Intelligence: logic and method of communicative action.
Dr. Liliana Montereale: logic and method of the Criminology of the individual.
Dr. Carmen Simone: logic and method of the intelligence of information and communication.
Dr. Nicola Rozzi: logic and method of security governance, the control of the metropolitan areas.

Faculty of Medical Science and Complementary Medicine - Coordinator: Prof. Giampaolo CIAO (Faculty Dean)

Prof. Giampaolo Ciao: meaning, importance and classification of Complementary Medicine
Dr. Marco Brancaleoni: complex complementary medicine or complexity of the complementary medicine?
Dr. Massimo Pietrangeli: The S.O.S. of Epigenetics: the reasons why the alarming information coming from Epigenetics impose an immediate paradigm change of life styles and feeding as well as a drastic reduction of the chemical synthetic treatments.

Faculty of Economics, Finance and Banking - Coordinator: Prof. Massimo Ceccobelli
(Faculty Lecturer)

Dr. Massimo Ceccobelli: An Economic Vision of the Political Decisions
Dr. Marco Leone: Automation and New Technologies for online Finance and Trading

Report about the activity performed during the first doctoral year of the Economics and Finance Research:
Dr. Elvio Ceci: Computational Linguistics and Sentiment Analysis in Finance: data and interpretations
Dr. Filomena Paciello: Methodological Approaches to Financial Intelligence
Dr. Marco Galante: Financial Risk and efficient Portfolio
Dr.: Angela Furfari: Psychological Effects in Trading Activities and Emotional Analysis in Finance

Faculty of Science

Dr. Elmo Benedetto: Cosmology and Extended Theories of Gravitation